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TEV-DEM: US ambassador’s remarks contradict democracy, human rights

 NEWS DESK– Democratic Society Movement Coordination(TEV-DEM) pointed out that the events launched to know the status of Ocalan health confirm that Ocalan’s thought and philosophy is a hope for all peoples, noting that the statements of the US ambassador in this regard is contrary to democratic standards and contrary to human rights, calling on the international community to put pressure on Turkey to send a body to Imrali prison.

The text of the statement:

“As the coordination of the Democratic Society Movement, we salute our peoples in north Syria for their honorable positions on the issue of isolation and torture imposed on the leader of the peoples, Abdullah Ocalan. It was confirmed through the demonstrations and reactions that the leader Ocalan’s thought philosophy have become a hope for all peoples, and the solutions to the issues of the region has become a militant expression of all the identities of the longing for freedom and justice.

Because the leader Ocalan’s resistance to defend all oppressors, whatever their identity, today, he is subjected to all this psychological and physical torture and suffering from a poor health situation. The leader does not express a person but embodies the cause of a people that has long been subjected to massacres and today embodies the aspirations of all peoples by putting it to the project of the democratic nation. Therefore, the isolation and torture leader Ocalan is exposed to not only targets him but also the aspirations of peoples peacefully coexisting and the establishment of a democratic system would achieve stability and peace.

At a time when millions of the Kurdish people and other peoples in north Syria resent and reject the injustice to leader Ocalan and accept him as a representative of their will and despite the role of the Kurdish people leader Ocalan in defeating IS mercenaries, the statement of the US ambassador about leader Ocalan after the liberating al-Raqqa city is a position contrary to democratic standards and contrary to human rights.

We would like to emphasize that these statements serve only the arbitrary policies of the Turkish state against our people and against all democratic forces in Turkey. We see that instead of attacking the values of the people in this way, contributing to a solution to the Kurdish issue in Turkey will serve stability not only in Turkey but in the full region, including Syria.

Finally, we call upon the international community to put pressure on Turkey to send a body to Imrali prison and also to send the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT) to know the health status and security situation of the leader Ocalan. We call upon our proud peoples to continue their protests and to circumvent the freedom, health and security of the leader Ocalan. Once again we salute our peoples and say triumph is inevitable for peoples and triumph is not beyond the thought of the leader Ocalan.”