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TEV-DEM warns of possible massacres in Shahba

NEWS DESK– Democratic Society Movement denounced the crimes IS mercenaries commit against people of Shahba towns and villages, and urged SDF and the Global Coalition to do its duty.

The Executive Body of the Democratic Society Movement issued a statement about the massacres IS commits against residents of Shahba areas.

“IS continues its crimes against humanity before the eyes of the world, as it intensified its attacks on Kurdish villages in Shahba areas, and kidnapped more than 700 people most of them are children and women and displaced thousands to the wilderness”

“kidnapping and displacement acts IS conducts recalls to mind the massacres committed against Til Aran and Til Hasel in 2013 and of the ethnic annihilation IS committed in Shingal, these crimes are committed in complicity to Turkey and its gangs’ barbaric acts against civilians in Sheik Maqsoud”.

The Democratic Society Movement renounced in its statement “the crimes the mercenaries committed in towns and villages of Shahba in general” and emphasized the necessity of proceeding with liberating those areas from IS and Bab region in particular.

The Executive Body of the Democratic Society Movement concluded appealing to SDF and the Global Coalition to undertake its responsibilities and terminate IS and its crimes against humanity in Shahba and Syria.