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The 4th axis advances 28 Km, 3 villages were liberated


AL-RAQQA – The 4th axis of Wrath of Euphrates operation room advanced 28 km forward since its beginning on Friday, and liberated 3 villages after clashes. 11 mercenaries of IS were killed and IS’ machineries were destroyed.

The 3rd stage of Wrath of Euphrates is continuing and achieving more progress. In addition to that, new spaces were liberated from IS’ hands. In the same context, the reporters of Hawar news agency who are keeping up with the campaign stated that the 4th axis of the campaign launched from Kherbet Malha village which is 67 km northeast of Deir al-Zor has achieved a great advance since its start on Friday.

The reporters assured that this axis advanced 28 km forward and liberated Helo, Qamar al-Deen, and Malha al-Serour villages.

During the clashes that broke out in the area, the fighters of Democratic Syrian Forces destroyed a booby-trapped vehicle of IS’ mercenaries, other two motorbikes, and a military vehicle.

11 mercenaries of IS were killed during the clashes.

The campaign is still continuing and liberating other spaces of Syria from the hands of IS.