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The building of the governorate in  al-Raqq is the first building occupied by aIS gangs


AL_ RAQQA – The governorate building is considered one of the largest buildings in al-Raqqa city which was the first building to be surrounded by IS mercenaries. The IS mercenaries Had been turned them into headquarters for issuing all their laws and fatwas.REQA-DIS-BIKA-CITIN-DAIS-1-300x200

The building is located in the city’s clock zone. It is one of the largest buildings in al- Raqqa city It consists of three floors. The building area is about 2 m. The building area is 2000 m 2. It contains offices and meeting rooms. To warehouses, garage and cellars of the building.

During the occupation  al- Raqqa city in 2013, it   took as its capital, and changed the course of the laws of the city from top to bottom, and their practices made every corner of the city witness their brutality

From the governorate building to the headquarters of  IS gangs


IS mercenaries  dominated  to the part of  al-Raqqa cityThe governorate building was the first building to be occupied by IS gangs , they had been  turned the building to their headquarters, and from there began to spread their extremist ideas about the false Islam and promoted among the people of the city, as they were fighting  factions of freedom and the Syrian regime and that they are Islamic advocates and owners of Islamic faith, As opposed to what they were doing against civilians.

In the early days of its control over the building, the number of mercenaries was not more than 100 IS mercenaries, most of them foreign nationalities. In that building, the leaders and Amiers of IS  mercenaries gathered, and from there issued laws and methods of killing fatwas, rulings of punishment and executions.


Due to the size of the building and the existence of cellars at the bottom, it was later transformed into a field hospital, a special bunker for leaders and princes who were hiding in it during the bombing of the aircraft, which is difficult to destroy easily.

The first executions were against three soldiers from the Syrian regime.


In al-Raqqa city and  had dominated by IS mercenaries, the city witnessed the first execution of 3 members of the 17th Brigade of the Syrian regime forces, which issued the death  decision from the building itself, where a group of IS mercenaries, who were characterized by “security” any intelligence calling for execution by shooting He was shot in the roundabout in the city center

During the request of the organization the rest of the elements of the Free Army and  Jabhit al-Nusra in the city to joining them and fight under the banner of urging others to do so, then announced the call for war against them in 2013 and called it a “war Awakening,” which dominated of the full  city and declared its capital and from that building announced A mask that encourages the terrorist to the people of the world and the world.