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The co–chairs of local councils: We will not fail in service of people


GIRE SIPI- A number of co-chairs of local councils in Girê Sipî /Tel-Abyed said that they will be as responsible as they are and will work hard in the new year, and called on all people to cooperate with them to improve the level of service and organization in the region.

Hawar news agency ANHA interviewed the co-chairs of two councils in Tel-Abyed/ Girê Sipî and Suluk after they were elected by members of the local councils elected on the 4th of this month

The co–chair of the council in Girê Sipî /Tel-Abyed Mohammed Sheikh Ali said that the formation of the local council came after transparent and fair elections, and based on “the right person in the right place” appointing qualified and educated co-chairs of the committees

The councils of the districts were formed in Tel-Abyed /Girê Sipî canton are committees of the municipality, health, women, education, social affairs, economy, youth, protection, culture and art, social justice. Each committee is run by 3 to 4 members, including a spokesperson.

Sheikh Ali said that they will be as a local council at the good of the homeland to provide more works that serve the people and the region alike and be as eligible as needed to undertake the responsibility placed on them.EZIZ SALIM ALBASER

Mohammed Sheikh Ali stressed that they would organize the people according to the federal system.

In the same context, the co-chair of the Council of Suluk district Aziz Salem al-Bashir said that they will not fail to provide real and serious work for the benefit of the citizen, “The voices of our people is a trust that we must be able to meet.

During his speech Aziz Salem explained “In the belief of social responsibility, we will intensify our efforts to serve society and the people,” he said. “The new year will be full of developments and achievements.”

At the end of his speech, Aziz Salem called all the people who is living in Tel–Abyed /Girê Sipî canton and especially Suluk district to cooperate with local councils to upgrade the level of service and organization in the region.