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The Elite Teams are joining the Wrath of Euphrates



AL-RAQQA- Fighters of the Elite Teams are taking part in the Wrath of Euphrates campaign shoulder to shoulder to liberate el-Raqqa city from the IS mercenaries, Elite Teams fighters assured that SDF are Syrian forces which are defending the Syrian soil and all its people.   REQ-NERINA-SERVANE-AL-NOXBA ‫(1)‬ ‫‬

The Syrian Elite Teams fighters are joining the Wrath of Euphrates in the 3rd stage which aims at liberating el-Raqqa city and the eastern countryside of Deir ez-Zor from IS gangs, and noted that they are aiming to liberate the whole Syrian territories from these gangs.

The fighter Abu Imad al-Shi’iti explained that they are taking part in the Wrath of Euphrates to liberate the city of el-Raqqa because they faced the ugliest terrorist acts by the mercenaries.

Abu Imad sent an appeal to the mercenaries who were tempted by money to return and join SDF” there is still a chance for those mercenaries tempted by money to join IS to return because their end is imminent”.    REQ-NERINA-SERVANE-AL-NOXBA ‫(1)‬

Abu Imad pointed out that the SDF are pure Syrian forces which are defending everybody indiscriminately, and so they resolved on joining SDF and standing together in this campaign.

Abu Amjad al-Shi’iti, another fighter, said that their forces make up 3,500 fighters and are now positioned at their major points in the Wrath of Euphrates frontlines.

Abu Amjad also said” we have been engaged in the clashes since the beginning of the campaign, and there have been coordination between us and the SDF, in el-Menakhil village which was liberated, we have effectively taken part in and 5 of our fighters fell there”.

Abu Amjad concluded saying that they will be continuing their campaign till the city of el-Raqqa is liberated from IS mercenaries.