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The fighters are happy for al-Tabqa liberation



AL-RAQQA- The Democratic Syrian Forces (SDF) expressed their happiness for al-Tabqa and Euphrates Dam liberation.

The forces have liberated the dam and the city after about 50 days of launching the operation in March 21. Moreover, Euphrates Dam is the biggest dam in Syria, and one of the biggest dams in the Middle East.

SDF’s vehicles toured inside al-Tabqa city expressing this historical victory.

The fighter Diyar Muslim said “after clashes lasted for days, we have liberated al-Tabqa city and we would reach al-Raqqa city too. We are very happy for al-Tabqa city liberation and its people returning to the city.

The liberation of al-Tabqa city that is on the western bank of Euphrates Dam is a strong push towards al-Raqqa city liberation. In November, the fighters of SDF launched Wrath of Euphrates campaign in order to liberate al-Raqqa.REQA-KEFXWSIYA-KU-TEBQA-HATIYE-RIZGARKIRIN-DIDINE-DIYARKIRIN ‫(122946050)‬ ‫‬

The fighter Kagin Shiyar talked about what would happen after al-Tabqa and Euphrates Dam liberation “we joined al-Tabqa campaign and we are reaching IS’ mercenaries’ stronghold. Moreover, after IS’ mercenaries were encircled by our forces, we have liberated the whole city of al-Tabqa”.

It is supposed that Wrath of Euphrates would release a statement about al-Tabqa and Euphrates Dam liberation.