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The first bakery opened in al-Raqqa liberated villages

KOBANE- The first bakery was opened in recently liberated villages of al-Raqqa western countryside in Tal Othman village by Democratic Society Movement.

After liberating tens of villages and towns of al-Raqqa western countryside by Wrath of Euphrates operation room, the Democratic Society Movement provided for people primary services as bread and fuel that are considered the most basic materials and for free.reqa-vekirina-firneya-til-osman-2

And among services which The Movement provides, the bakery of Tal Othman village located on the eastern banks of Euphrates River was opened on Friday and that was as a first step in recently liberated villages.

The Democratic Society Movement will provide the bakery with all its requirements of flour and fuel oil, where the bakery will produce nearly 6 tons of bread daily to be distributed on about 30 villages at a price equivalent to the bag’s in Kobane canton.

The opening of this bakery is considered a primary step paving the way to open two others and these are al-Jarniyah town bakery and Shams-el-Deen village bakery.

These villages were liberated in the second stage that Wrath of Euphrates operation room launched in December 1.



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