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The first commune formed in the village of Dair Jamal

AFRIN– Residents of Dair Jamal village in the district of Şêrewa formed the first commune under the name of Shahid Mazloum and elected co-chairs of their commune.  efrin-serwa-taskil-komin-le-der-jmal-4

Dozens of Dair Jamal residents in Şêrewa district in Afrin canton held a meeting to form the first commune of the village in the village.

Representatives of TEV-DEM attended the meeting, the hall was decorated with photos of the fighters and the leader of the Kurdish people and TEV-DEM flags.

The meeting started with a silence minute, the co-chair of TEV-DEM in Afrin canton Mustafa Hasan spoke then about the political recent happenings in Syria, and the Turkish occupation acts against Rojava civilians.

Mustafa Hasan explained the conception and necessity of organizing services in the village, aiming to enable people to govern themselves.

The co-chair of TEV-DEM in Şêrewa district Gulistan Jafer, and explained the way communes are formed, the goals and how communes are processing.

Co-chairs, committees and members of the commune were elected then, a reconciliation committee was formed including 5 members, services committee including 11 members, economics committee including 5 members, heath committee including 3 members, protection committee including 4 members and training committee including a member.



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