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The first council formed in al-Shadaddi

AL-HASAKAH- Al-Shadaddi region people have formed their first council, co-chairs were also elected in a meeting held in People Municipality center in al-Shadaddi town.  HSK-AVAKERINA-MECLISA-SEDADI (1)

TEV-DEM held a meeting in al-Shadaddi to form the first council in the town.

TEV-DEM executive Jahed Hasan, al-Shadaddi Tribes Council members, and dozens of the region’s people joined the meeting.

The meeting started with a minute of silence, then TEV-DEM member Farouq Tozo delivered a speech pointing out that the aim of this meeting is continuation of the regulatory work which was crowned in electing a new administration for al-Shadaddi Council, as people are smoothly managing their work and organizing it.  HSK-AVAKERINA-MECLISA-SEDADI (2)

Tozo noted that organization is the corner stone for a sound, developed society where problems are discussed, decisions are made, and solutions are reached for a free, collective life.

Hasan went on” despite the difficulties and weaknesses we faced, we could overcome all these obstacles which resulted in forming communes and districts councils were formed and now al-Shadaddi Council was formed, too.

Hasan also added that Syrian people resistance is maintained until now, as SDF is successfully advancing to al-Raqqa city, HSK-AVAKERINA-MECLISA-SEDADI (4)Hasan also said that al-Raqqa belongs to its own people and will be liberated soon.

Jahed Hasan concluded” despite the oppressive mindsets attempts to oppress our freedom, we could raise our hands and elect freely and democratically, this is considered a remarkable achievement in overcoming these mindsets and hegemonic minds.

Then Munaf al-Fadil and Asmaa al-Musa were elected co-chairs, and Itab al-’Areeb as deputy.