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The General Coordination congratulates the world on Newroz

NEWS DESK- The General Coordination of the Democratic Autonomous Administration congratulated people of the world for Newroz Eid(New Year Eid) and said “Newroz’s soul should be the base of forming a Middle East Confederation”.

By the coming of Newroz Eid on March 21, the General Coordination of DAA released a statement that contains the following:

“Rojava people are receiving this Newroz in an articular condition, and amid our forces’ victories on IS and others for Rojava people and all the people of the area’s walking towards a new birth to renew Newroz’s soul which is uprising against oppression and the representation of free will. The flame of the age is lighting the pitch darkness that has continued for decades because of the reactionary mindset and authoritarian mentality of the regimes that ruled Kurdistan and Mesopotamia people”.

“This new birth comes as an inevitable result of democracy values, fraternity of peoples, and the will of victory that were embodied over various fronts by our forces defending humanity against a common enemy. This pushed the aspiring to democracy and the believers in fraternity of peoples to come from all over the world and participate in Rojava revolution that was launched by Kurds and attracted these values believers as it gathered all Rojava people with their various religions, doctrines, and nationalities to stand together against the terrorism and its supporters from these values enemies that this revolution calls for”.

We in the General Coordination of DAA receive Newroz with the soul of Şengal resistance and the soul of Bakur resistance, and give our Kurdish people, all Rojava people, and the world warmest congratulations for Newroz Eid coming; the Freedom Eid. For this occasion, we specially pay our people in fighting fronts the warmest congratulations as each one of them is Kawa al-Haddad and Mazloum Doğan today.

For this occasion, we also bend for freedom martyrs in Rojava and the world, and again promise to follow up their steps holding their flames till reaching the new day, the day of freedom and fraternity of people towards Democratic Frederic Syria. Newroz must be the base of forming Middle East Confederation.

“The General Coordination of DAA”.