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The Interior Body calls UN to put an end to Turkish practices

AFRIN- the UN was called by the Interior Body in Afrin canton to put an end to the Turkish occupation army practices and their violation of Afrin canton’s territories, and they called the migrants of the canton to come back to their villages and cities to defend them.

The Interior Body in Afrin canton released a written statement to the public opinion about the Turkish occupation against Afrin lands over the last days. The Interior Body stated that Turkey aims to create an internal conflict and fight among the people of one nation.

The statement is as the following:

The ruling groups in Turkey continue their chauvinistic and hostility practices against people of the region that strive for safety and security, whereas the global coalition strives for solving the Syrian crisis and cease the Syrian bloodshed.

The Turkish occupation army has recently encroached on Afrin citizens’ possessions in Shara province and inside the Syrian state border breaking all the international rules and charters that were issued by UN. Moreover, they strive for hitting our democratic project.

On the other hand, the Turkish occupation army aims for creating an internal conflict and fight among the people of one nation by its call for Syrian youth recruitment to join armed groups for fighting the Syrians on their land.

Facing this conflict, we call our emigrated people to come back to their villages and cities and defend them, and do not turn to mercenaries in the hand of the enemies.

This is not the first time that the Turkish state performs such behaviors and builds barriers in addition to planting mines and killing the innocent civilians on the border.

In spite of these practices and bringing them to light before the whole world eyes, the global coalition is still silent about these inhuman practices.

We condemn these hostile practices against our people and land, and we call for all peace-loving peoples and the international and humanitarian organizations to stand beside us, and woke seriously to put an end for these crimes that are daily committed against us.

And we insure canton people that we will face these challenges and racist practices as much as possible, and we sure that nobody would prevent us from achieving our legitimate goals.