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The Manbij EC formed, promises to work for the Democratic Nation project


MANBIJ- The co-chairs of the thirteen committees in the Executive Council of the democratic civil administration swore and promised to protect and preserve democracy and people of the city rights after they have been proved by Legislative Council.MINBIC-CIVINA-RAGIHANDINA-REVEBERIYA-SIVIL1

The Legislative Council-the DCA of Manbij and its countryside held a congress on Sunday in the Executive Council-DCA building of Manbij and its countryside to approve the Executive Council forming which contains the council presidency, the co-chairs, and the members of the 13 committees.

After standing a minute of silence, the co-presidency of the Legislative Council Farooq al-Mashi and Nazifa Khillo that has been elected by the Legislative Council members with the beginning of the congress that was held on Sunday. After the names of the committees’ co-chairs were read by the co-presidency of the Executive Council, the Legislative Council unanimously proved the co-chairs of the committees and its members. Then, each of co-chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Interior Committee, Health Committee, Defense Committee, Women Committee, Culture Committee, Municipalities Committee, Society and Labor Affairs, Treasury, Economy, Youth, Education, the martyrs’ oath, promise to work for the sake of servicing the city, and protecting democracy’s rights.

The co-chairs swore in three languages which are Arabic, Kurdish, and Turkish, and they assured that they would work hard for a better Manbij and a shining future of all the components of Manbij and its countryside. the co-chairs also promised to work based on the project of Democratic Nation.

After the oath was ended by the co-chairs, the congress was concluded by reading the concluding statement