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The mercenaries of al-Sultan Morad tortured a youth to death

MANBIJ- A youth from al-Raee villages was tortured by the mercenaries of al-Sultan Morad until he lost his life.

The mercenaries of al-Sultan Morad arrested a young man Muhammand Mustafa al-Hammadeh from Tat Homs village in al-Raee province that is occupied by the Turkish army on Monday. And they took him to a headquarter of them.

The mercenaries continued torturing the young man Muhammad severely till he lost his life, where torture marks were clear on his body in the photos.

And local issues said that the practices of the mercenary groups supported by Turkey are increasing against people of the area, especially Kurdish and Arabic component.

And the young man Muhammad al-Hamadeh is from the Arabic component of the area.

Since Turkey and its mercenary groups occupied northern Syria, they started forcibly to displace people, loot their properties, and destroy their villages. Moreover, settling Turkish in their villages in a try to change the demographic of the area.



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