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“The Raqqa campaign is advancing, freedom is near”

RAQQA – SDF commander Dijwar Xebat stated that the third phase of the Raqqa campaign continued at full speed, that the connection of the gangs were cut off and that liberation was near.

Dijwar Xebat, a commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), spoke to ANHA on the Operation Wrath of Euphrates and said: “The Wrath of Euphrates fighters have liberated a 30 kilometer area in three days, cut off the Raqqa-Dêir ez-Zor road and reached the Euphrates.”

Xebat said the Raqqa-Dêir ez-Zor road was used as a connection by gangs in both cities and that the flow of logistics was managed through this road.

SDF Commander said the fighters liberated dozens of strategically important villages and hamlets from gangs and continued: “The gangs entered the liberated areas and targeted civilians, but the fighters retaliated strongly and protected the civilians.”

Xebat also said that along with these, in the last three days, the fighters killed dozens of gang members, captured 3 gang members alive and seized large amounts of weapons and ammunition.

SDF commander Dijwar Xebat called to the people of Raqqa and asked them to stay away from the gangs’ positions and called on the youth to join the SDF to liberate themselves.