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‘The Turkish army evacuated 70 Kurdish villages in al-Bab’

SHAHBA – The Revolutionary Forces General Commander Hac Ehmed said the invading Turkish army evacuated 70 Kurdish villages in the al-Bab region, forced the villagers to leave and settled in their collaborators instead.SEHBA-HAC-EHMED-70-GUNDEN-KURDAN-HATINE-XERAB-KIRIN1 (2)

The Revolutionary Forces General Commander Hac Ehmed spoke in relation to the Turkish army’s and backed gangs’ attacks on the Sahba region and said the goal of these attacks were to prevent the peoples of Northern Syria from coming together and to change the demographic structure of the region.

Hac Ehmed said Jabhat Al-Nusra, ISIS and other gang groups are supported by the Turkish state, and that the Kefer village and Qabasin town with mostly Kurdish populations were encircled, the civilians living there were forced to leave, the gangs settled in their supporters instead with the Turkish state’s expansion aim on their occupation.SEHBA-HAC-EHMED-70-GUNDEN-KURDAN-HATINE-XERAB-KIRIN1 (3)

Hac Ehmed said the Turkish army evacuated 70 Kurdish villages in al-Bab, continuing: “After the gangs allied with the Turkish state invaded the villages of Qabasin, al-Rai, Jarablus and Azaz, they settled in their supporters under various pretenses.”

Hac Ehmed said the following on the goal in Shahba: “The Turkish army’s attacks on the liberated areas in the Shahba region continue. The Turkish state wants to put the peoples of the region against each other, remove the Kurds from the region and change the region’s cultural structure. And they are looking to sever the connection between the Kobani and Afrin cantons.”

The commander stated that the international silence allowed the Turkish state’s invasion, destruction and demography changes im Northern Syria, and said: “As the Revolutionary Forces, we will resist the Turkish state invasion on each front and liberate all areas.”SEHBA-HAC-EHMED-70-GUNDEN-KURDAN-HATINE-XERAB-KIRIN1 (1)

Ehmed concluded by saying their forces will continue their struggle until they liberate all the areas of Shahba from the Turkish state and their allied gang groups.