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The Turkish army kills a citizen and his child

SERE KANIYE – After the Turkish army shot civilians, a father and his child were killed while trying to cross the borders.

The Turkish army shot 7 civilians in the countryside of Kazwan Mount” Abdul Aziz mount” at 02:00 while they were trying to cross to Bakur Kurdistan from Im Saharij which is 70 km from Sere Kaniye SRK-BIRIDAREN-SER-SINORE-BAKUR (3)

Due to the direct targeting of civilians by the Turkish army, Obaid Ahmad al-Salih a 40-year man with his 4-year girl were killed and 5 were wounded.

According to the wounded transferred to Roj hospital in Sere Kaniye, they were trying to cross the borders when the Turkish army have shot them directly leaving a man and his child dead.

According to doctors of Roj hospital, the situation of the wounded is stable except for one, as they were quickly taken to the hospital by the People Protection Units. .

The wounded are Roaj Hussein 16 years old, Muhamad Hussein 40 years of, Ali al-Salih 17 years old, Muhamad Owaid al-Ahmad 15 years old and Maleka Qasim 14 years old.