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The Turkish occupation bombardment resulted in massive destruction

MANBIJ- The Turkish occupation army continues to follow the scorched land policy in al-Bab city, striving for occupying the city located north of Syria.minbic-topbarana-artesa-tirk-1

Our agency has got photos in al-Bab city that show the massive destruction that has been caused by aerial bombardment and artillery shelling of the Turkish occupation army on the city.

There are also houses that have been completely destroyed, and piles of rubble were spread everywhere.

The photos clearly indicate that the targeted areas are not military headquarters of ISIS, rather, they assured that all the targeted areas are populated civilian places.

One of the photos showed a carpet put on a balcony of a house, another photo showed a washing machine was damaged because of the shelling.

Tens of civilians have been killed because of the fierce bombardment of the Turkish occupation army that targeted al-Bab and the southern province Tadef.

The Turkish occupation army claimed that their aim is purging the city of ISIS, while the facts, news, photos, and videos proved the contrary, and the civilians are often the victims of the Turkish shelling.