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The Turkish state is handicapping Rojava people return home



AD-DARBASIYAH- A source from ad-Darbasiyah border crossing between Rojava and Bakur Kurdistan said that the Turkish state is handicapping people’s return to their houses under fake pretexts, only 15 persons per day are allowed to get to Rojava daily.    DIRBESIYE-DERIYE-SINOR-TIRKIYE (3)

The source noted that the Turkish Gendarmerie are preventing dozens of Rojava people from going back to their home and are detaining them in the border crossing in ad-Darbasiyah city in Cizîre canton.

The source noted that the Turkish state is asking for asylum cards and handicapping their return, 15 persons are permitted to return daily, the source also assured that dozens of Rojava people are still waiting at the borders.

The source who preferred anonymity as some relatives of theirs are still at the border crossing added” we have been detained at the border crossing since 4 days, because the Gendarmerie asked for an asylum card to take advantage of it politically and economically in relation to international charities, in addition, we were badly treated by the border guards”.     DIRBESIYE-DERIYE-SINOR-TIRKIYE (1)

The 2nd reason of their return is the maltreatment of the Turkish government as refugees there, they also pointed that they suffered from high prices, and costly houses rent.

Member of Relations Committee at Şehîd Xemgîn border crossing in ad-Darbasiyah city Salar Abdi said that the Turkish Gendarmerie is opening the border crossing five days a week, since Saturday and Sunday are holidays and he said” the number of people crossing last year was 200 daily, but now people are not permitted to return under fake pretexts”.