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The youth marches met in Qamishlo


QAMISHLO– After six consecutive days of walking hundreds of kilometers, the three youth marches have met which were launched by Rojava youth in Qamishlo city where hundreds of young people chanted “Revolt to shake the throne of the Turkish state.”

The Rojava Youth Federation and the Young Women’s Union organized three marches that was launched on the 22nd November of this month in the cities of Dêrik, Serê Kaniya and al-Hasakha, and heading toward Qamishlo city as part of the campaign for the leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah and to disclose his health status Ocelan.

Marches in which the young participants from the Euphrates and al- Jazeera regions marched for six consecutive days, during which they hundreds of kilometers and arrived in  Qamishlo city and have been met all in Himo village

The young people headed from there to the center of the city and walked around the streets of Qamishlo city through the main street in the kornishe neighborhood to the neighborhood of Antria, amid chanting slogans that greet the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocelan amid the enthusiasm of young people.

The youth will join the celebration at the stadium of Haitham Kajo on the anniversary of the founding of the PKK today.

The young people participating in the marches that arrived in Qamishlo are from the Rojava  Youth Union, the Young Women’s Union, the Arab Youth Union and the Democratic Union Party Youth.