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Their aim is the Kurdish heritage protection

Dêrik- “Art has revolution, and we and the next generations are demanded to protect the Kurdish art and folklore” these words were said by the members of Kefnê şobî group during their offering of folkloric songs in Dêrik city.

Kefnê şobî group of public songs offered pieces of Kurdish folkloric songs on the stage of Dajla Center of Democratic Art and Culture in Dêrik, and dozens of people were attending.

The stage hall was ornamented by folkloric gadgets that symbolizes to grandparents’ cultures. Moreover, the walls were hanged by folkloric carpets and fabrics.

The concert contained pieces of songs from various heritages of Kurdistan amid the attendants’ interaction, and after that, some mothers that were dressing folkloric cloths sewed clothes by hand to express the Kurdish heritage.

The group 15 offered an ancient Kurdish song where the participants interacted with and it dates back to hundreds of years.

Ali Haji a member of the group told Hawar news agency that they offer folkloric songs from the culture and heritage of Metabotamia, and Haji added “we search for the folkloric and ancient songs to preserve and protect them from loss because they represent the Kurdish history, in addition to that, mythical epics and emotional songs as Mamo and Zên song and Darwish’s song Evdê u Edolê.

And the member of Kefnê şobî Ali Haji concluded that we are in art revolution and it is one of freedom revolutions, and we will be high elevated by the voice of Kurdish art and culture for the nations to recognize and know this ancient folklore.

Kefnê şobî group is for offering Kurdish folkloric and public songs and it includes 14 members from Kojrat area in Dêrik and it strives for the Kurdish heritage revival by organizing concerts and participating in events.