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Their small throats scream “Down falls Erdogan”

MANBIJ- Massive march has been launched of student’s  Manbij city rejecting  bombardment the Turkish occupation army of Afrin and targeting the children in Afrin city echoing their small throats the slogan ” Down drops Erdogan”MINBEG-MIS-I (2)

Thousands of schoolchildren from all elementary and junior high schools   in Manbij city  have gathered with the teachers in front of the school of Mohamed Zidan Hanayadal on Aleppo Road to participate in the demonstration called by the Pedagogyand Education Committee and  against the attacks of the Turkish state on Afrin and targeting children.

The march launched  towards the public square with the children carrying banners saying, “With a spirit of blood, we will redeem you, Afrin.” No to the Turkish occupation of Afrin. I lit up in Kobani and won in Afrin. Turkish aggression will not undermine the dignity of the Syrian people. “And the slogans echo” by the spirit of Nafdiki, O Afrin. Down falls Erdogan. One single and one Syrian people one “and a sign of victory and olive branches.

After arriving the march to the public Square words were delivered by Democratic Civil Administration in Manbij city Adel Mohammed said:MINBEG-MIS-I (3)

“We will eliminate the terrorist gangs that spread like the locusts in the Syrian territories, to devour the green before the land, to spread ethnic strife and to stir up sectarian strife,”

In his speech, Qais Ebadi denounced the brutal Turkish aggression against Afrin city and stressed their stand against murderers and advocates of destruction and death.

Speaking on behalf of the children of manbij city a student at the Ahmed Aqil Pyram School, he said: “We, the children of Manbaj, affirm that we stand by you, Afran’s beloved children. We call on international organizations and “UNICEF” to intervene to stop the massacres against the children of Afrin.”

Aspeeches were deliverd by a number of children in Manbij city  , As well as to the poems they wrote for Afrin