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Thousands in al-Hasakah support the hunger strikers  

AL-HASAKAH- Thousands of al-Hasakah city people expressed their solidarity with the resistance of the political detainees in the Turkish state prisons, and they condemned the isolation imposed on the Kurdish people leader Abdullah Ocalan by a demonstration.HSK-MESA-SYENIN-HESEKE1

Thousands of al-Hasakah city components in Barazan village protested against the Turkish state actions and in solidarity with the imprisons’ resistance under the slogan “The Fascist Erdogan Would Not Gain our people and leaders’ will. We Are Following the Way of the Martyr Mazloum Doğan. Salute the Hunger Strikers Strugglers in the Turkish Fascist Prisons”.

More than 250 detainees in the Turkish prisons entered the 61 day of an open hunger strike to protest against the Turkish policies and the isolation imposed on the Kurdish people leader Abdullah Ocalan.

People gathered in front of Tishreen School in Barazan village reaching Yazidi House in the village holding Rojava symbols and flags, and chanting slogans that salute the Kurdish people leader Abdullah Ocalan resistance, and the detainees.

By reaching the Yazidi House, the demonstrators stood a minute of silence. Then, the member of the Martyrs’ Families Council Ahmad Asa’ad said a word “we are here today for solidarity with the resistance of the hunger strike detainees.

Asa’ad stated that the Kurdish people would always stand in the face of all the enemies of freedom who want to defeat the Kurdish people will because they would not obstruct their freedom.

Asaad addressed Erdogan in his speech saying “not you and that was before you, and that would be after you could break our will the dictator Erdogan because our people’s will would not break by virtue of their leader Abdullah Ocalan’s perspective and philosophy”. Assad assured that the people would not take any step backward after the victories have been achieved.HSK-MESA-SYENIN-HESEKE3

Assad concluded assuring that the hunger strikers are the victors, and Rojava people would not stand supporting their leader and the hunger strikers.

The member of PYD Zenab Saroxan stated that the Turkish state since the beginning of the Syrian crisis want to enter its lands by Jabhet al-Nusrah and IS mercenaries for the aim of undermining the Kurdish people will, but the Turkish state see that it would not gain anything so it headed to the Kurdish people in Bakur Kurdistan to gain their will as their villages were burnt and their people killed.

Zenab Saroxan also said “the imprisoned have been hunger strikers since 60 days, and this means that the Kurdish people will is strong and would not be broken by the Turkish occupation state actions”.

Zenab Saroxan concluded assuring that Erdogan would not gain anything but loss.

The member of the Senate Council Thabet al-Johar said a word saying “from this holy place we confirm our solidarity and support the detainees in Erdogan oppressing prisons.

Thabet assured that they refuse the oppression of Erdogan on the Kurdish people in Bakur Kurdistan and Rojava.HSK-MESA-SYENIN-HESEKE4

Thabet al-Johar concluded saying “freedom for the leader Abdullah Ocalan and the detainees in the Turkish state prisons. Long live SDF (Democratic Syrian Forces) that strive for liberating the people from the terror abomination”.

The demonstration ended by repeating the slogans that salute the resistance of the strugglers inside the Turkish prisons.