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Thousands of al-Raqqa people liberated

Al-RAQQA- Within the 3rd stage of the campaign, Wrath of Euphrates operation room fighters liberated thousands of people of the southwest villages.

The 3rd stage of Wrath of Euphrates operation room campaign for liberating al-Raqqa and Der al-Zour countryside was resumed on March 5 after its cease for a week because of the bad weather. The commander Jihan Sheikh Ahmad made it clear in a statement that their aim of this campaign is isolating al-Raqqa from Der al-Zour, solidification of full control on the aligned areas to Euphrates River, total encircling of al-Raqqa city and the terrorists inside by cooperating with international coalition forces against the terrorists.

During the stage that was resumed on March 5, the fighters of Wrath of Euphrates liberated dozens of villages in Khashab and Bîr heba axes, and they reached Euphrates River in addition to that, they liberated the two strategic Mankhar Gharbi and Shrqi hills, fighters also cut off the road linking between al-Raqqa, Der al-Zour, and al-Mosul.

A video was published by Democratic Syrian Forces. It shows how thousands of civilians have been liberated during the 3rd step of the 3rd stage of Wrath of Euphrates campaign in addition to liberating the people of al-Hajaj, al-Hajla, al-Metab, and al-Jazarah villages.

in the video, people show their gladness for SDF for liberating from ISIS’ mercenaries in addition to the intimate moments among the fighters and people.