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Thousands sign to reveal status of Ocelan , claim his freedom

ALEPPO– Democratic Union Party in Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood in Aleppo revealed the results of the signing campaign to reveal the health situation of Ocelan, where the number of signatures reached 9800 signatures, and appealed to international and human rights organizations to hold to their responsibilities with transparency and credibility toward what is happening to Ocelan, the leader of the democratic nation project.

Democratic Union Party in Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood ended the campaign of collecting signatures, which they began in November 25, to reveal the situation of Ocelan, through a statement read during a crowd of members of Democratic Union Party in front of its center in the neighborhood.

The statement was read by a member of the General Assembly of the Democratic Union Party Issa Mustafa in Arabic and by the administrator party Nareen Musa in Kurdish language.

The text of the statement:

That leader Abdullah Ocelan is the leader of humanity, peace, freedom, democracy and love for all peoples, components and religions of Middle East and the world.

Our party, the Democratic Unionist Party, carried out a campaign of signatures to put pressure on the Turkish state to check on the leader’s health and freedom.

Where eight committees were distributed in the neighborhood of Sheikh Maksoud West and Eastern and the neighborhood of Ashrafieh and Bani Zaid.

The committees started their daily work from 10 am to 3 pm on 25/11/2017, where the total number of registered names was 9800 names.

We saw the large and wide participation by the people of the neighborhood, men, women, young men and women and all the components of the Kurds, Arabs, Turkmen, Christians and tribes to participate in the campaign of signatures that prove that the leader candles of freedom and free the societies life that must enjoy in all its spectrum.

As a party, we appeal to International and Human Rights Organizations, the free media and the international community to hold to their responsibilities with all transparency and credibility in the direction of what is happening to the leader of the democratic nation’s project.