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Threatening to annihilate Hawijat Katei, the regime bombards

NEWS DESK  The Baathist forces have bombarded civilians trapped in Hawijat Katei island lying in the Euphrates River killing and injuring civilians.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that regime forces renewed since Saturday shelling of Hawijat Katei, where hundreds of civilians who fled Deir ez-Zor after the control of the regime forces.

“We have promised to fill the land with bodies in retaliation for Abu Yarub, and today it has come,” Syrian army officer Suhail al-Hassan threatening on his official Facebook page, the civilians besieged in Hawijat Katei with genocide. “You have no flight nor do your distressed cries for relief. Today you are killed by what your hands had done, where to escape then?

A man and his child were killed in the bombardment today, and his wife was injured, bringing the number of victims of the regime’s bombing on Hawija Katei since yesterday to three.

Syrian Democratic Forces tried to rescue civilians trapped in Hawija Katei but the regime’s forces targeted civilians with snipers and threatened to bomb them if they tried to cross into areas liberated by SDF.

The Syrian forces expressed their regret over the failure of their attempts to open a safe passage for the families stuck in Hawija Katei and said that the continued bombing of the regime forces of those areas prevented it.

“All our attempts in the Syrian Democratic Forces to evacuate these civilians have failed because of the insistence of the regime forces to close all the entrances to these civilians and threaten to shell them if they move north,” said Mustafa Bali, director of the media center for the Syrian Democratic Forces.

Hawija Katei is an island located in the center of the Euphrates River on the western side of the suspended bridge. It covers an area of approximately 1500 acres. Currently, some 750 civilians have fled the city of Deir ez-Zor after being taken over by the regime.

A few days ago, the besieged appealed to human rights organizations and the International Alliance to rescue them from bombing regime forces, but the appeals of the residents have not yet been heard.