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“Three Valleys” operation started northeast of Diyala

NEWS DESK- The command of Tiger operations in Iraq announced launching military operations in 3 important valleys northeast of Diyala aiming at ending any IS mercenaries’ activity.

The commander of the operations the staff officer Mazher al-Azawy said “joint security forces of police and army in addition to the massive people that are supported by the army’s warplane launched a joint military operation to end any IS mercenaries’ activity in the encircled areas between the oil field and Khanaqin, and it includes Thalab, al-Hadidayn and Qazlaq northeast of Diyala” according to Iraqi al-Somariyah News website.

Al-Azawy stated that this campaign accords with the strategy of Tiger operations to save the areas.

According to the mentioned website, the command of Tiger operations has recently carried out great military operations in Diyala to end any IS mercenaries’ activity.