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Tim Clunes: Erdogan supported Muslim Brotherhood to expand in Western, Arabic World

NEWS DESK-Tim Clunes founder of New Century for Anti-Terrorism Organization, said that belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood is the beginning of the way towards extremism.” He stressed that Turkey and Qatar supported the Muslim Brotherhood during the so-called Arab Spring and supported them and helped them to expand in the Arabic and Western worlds.

The London-based al-Arab newspaper published a report on the presence of the Muslim Brotherhood in Britain, and Turkish and Qatari support for it, titled “A fundamental change in London’s policy on the Muslim Brotherhood.”

The report pointed out at the beginning that Britain received the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood from Egypt after Jamal Abd al-Nasser suffocated them, where they have expanded and established its presence, it pointed out that over the years they have turned into staff members of a Muslim agenda that is more than 80 years old, and said ” discovery of this fact requires years of chaos as well as terrorism to strike the depth of Britain, Europe and the world.”

Tim said during a speech at the Councils of Lords that the Muslim Brotherhood and the Qatari and Turkish support for them, and the Muslim Brotherhood “using associations and institutions that give them greater influence larger than they are.”

The newspaper pointed that the statements of Tim come” through a rising wave in Britain aimed at sending strong signals of a fundamental change in its policy of dealing with the Brotherhood and linking their activities directly to terrorism.”

Tim spoke about the Turkish role and how President Recep Tayyip Erdogan used America’s delay in including the Muslim Brotherhood on the terrorist lists, supporting them and helping them to expand in the Arab and Western worlds.

He pointed out that Erdogan received in Turkey large numbers of Muslim Brotherhood from all Arab countries and refuses their return to their countries, despite the demand of their countries. At the same time, quite paradoxically, Erdogan asks America to hand him over Gulen on the grounds that he is a “terrorist” and he is displeased because the American side has not responded to him.

He added ” Erdogan had worked through the Muslim Brotherhood to change the form of Turkey from secular Ataturk to a state closer to Islam. Erdogan in Turkey has changed the mentality of new generations by a religious discourse, especially in rural areas and poor areas, so that they gained great popularity and enabled him to gain power.

Tim believes that there are contradictions in Erdogan, while he was calling the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt to adopt secularism was turning secular Turkey into an Islamic.

According to the newspaper, the intervention received great attention from the participants