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Tirbê Sipî women: revolution we see is achieved by 3 strugglers’ efforts


QAMISHLO–Women in Tirbê Sipî district denounced the massacre of Paris against the three strugglers on its 5th anniversary, considering that the revolution we are witnessing today is the revolution of free women.

On the 5th anniversary of the massacre against of 3 strugglers   Sakina Cansiz, Fidan Dogan and Leila Shaylemez, Hawar news agency (ANHA) met with women from the Kurdish and Arab constituencies in Tirbê Sipî districtFIRGA ALHMADI

Citizenship Nouzha Saif al-Din from Tirbê Sipî indicated in her speech “We remember all our martyrs, the righteous, who defended and offered the precious in order to liberate women from the constraints and participate in the struggle and all fields with men until they became mother, wife and fighter,”

She stressed that the 3 strugglers Sakina, Leila and Fidan have lit the torch of freedom and become role models for fighting and struggling women because they participated in the political field and fought in the European countries to deliver the voice of the Kurdish people to the world.

Farja al-Hammadi from the Arabic component said “First of all, we remember our martyrs, especially the 3 strugglers, who were the greatest example for us, and who broke the chains.”

Farja went on “The revolution we are experiencing today is the revolution of the free women’s society, which was created thanks to the efforts of the three activists,”

In the end, she confirmed that we, as women in Tirbê Sipî district, deplore the massacre committed against the 3 strugglers in the French capital of Paris.