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Training women firefighters in cooperation with Al-Tabqa Women’s Council begins


AL-TABQA-The Women Firefighter Brigade in the municipality of al-Tabqa has announced its intention to open a training course for women beginning next January to deal with the fires that may be taking place in homes, which have recently increased in the city because of the misuse of cooking methods, which works on the substance of kerosene.”TEBQA-PERWERDEYA-AGIR KOJE (5)

During this course, which will begin in early January, trainers will receive lessons on how to properly use cooking utensils, fire prevention methods and tools and materials to extinguish the fire if it occurs.

Ismail Nasiri, a member of the fire brigade said “During the training, women will receive practical lessons on how to use the materials needed to extinguish the fire, such as water, white foam powder and the traditional red oxygen cylinder,”

Nasiri confirmed that specialized cadres and trained in civil defense and fire will supervise the session.

In cooperation with the Women’s Council in Al-Tabqa, all women in the city and its villages will be invited through the district and village councils of the Women’s Council to raise their awareness about dangerous and cautious actions.

Al-Tabqa fire Brigade extinguishes 12 to 13 fire cases, most of which are caused by kerosene uses.