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Turkey again bombed Afrin and al-Shahba villages, it intensifies its movements

AFRIN/AL-SHAHBA- The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries bombarded on Tuesday dawn al-Shahba and Afrin villages with heavy weapons in coincidence with intensifying their movements and digging trenches in front of the frontal fronts in Janders district in Afrin canton.

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries also bombarded the liberated villages in al-Shahba areas and they bombarded the civilians’ houses in Tal Rifat, Harbal, Sheikh Issa, Ahras, Tal Madiq, Om Housh, Om al-Qura, al-Shahabiyah, Ayn Daqneh, Minag and Kafrantone using shells, missiles and heavy weapons on Monday. Moreover, the bombardment resulted in killing 2 civilians and wounding other 8 civilians among them children, in addition to targeting Maranaz village in Shara district and the outskirts of Deir Jamal village in Sherawa district in Afrin canton.

The mercenaries resumed their bombardment on al-Shahba villages (Harbal, Sheikh Issa, Tal Madiq, Om Housh, Ayn Daqneh and Minag) with mortars, heavy cannons and Dushkas at last hours of Monday night.

Spying drones also hovered over Ayn Daqneh and Minag villages in al-Shahba, and Maranaz and al-Bayloniyah villages in Shara district in Afrin canton.

In addition, the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army set fire at the agricultural lands which belong to Tal Madiq people.

On the other hand, the Turkish mercenaries who are stationed in the western countryside of Aleppo in Daret Azah and Samaan Citadel targeted Basofan village in Sherawa district in Afrin using Dushka and more than 6 mortars.

Hawar news agency reporter in Janders district reporting from military sources stated that the occupation mercenaries intensified their movements to dig trenches in front of Tal Bareen and Tal Baz villages in Janders district in Afrin canton.

The Turkish occupation army is daily bombarding the villages of al-Shahba liberated areas and Afrin canton with heavy weapons inflicting the civilians’ possessions serious damage.