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Turkey continues building the 15-kilometer separating wall between Qamişlo and Nisêbîn

Qamişlo– AKP continues committing crimes against Rojava while building a 15-kilometer wall between Qamişlo and Nisêbîn, which is two meters wide and a height of 3 meters.

The AKP forces have started building the wall between Bakur and Rojava opposite to sê girk in Qamişlo since December 27 last year, and violated Rojava territories 15 meters in under the pretext that these territories are Nisêbîn’s.

This infringement was confronted with decring, denouncing and protests on Rojava’s people side. In coincidence with that, the AKP started building a wall opposite to Til Cîhan tied tirbê sipî towards Qamişlo.

While shelling and attacks on Nisêbîn in Bakur are ongoing, the Turkish State continues building the wall and has started moving pre-made cement wall to the borders.