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Turkey cuts Euphrates River’s water, electricity reduced

KOBANÎ- The Turkish authorities cut water off the Syrian lands which caused lowing the Euphrates River’s water level that resulted in creating a problem in the amount of electricity that Tishreen Dam generates.KOBANE-DEWLETA-TIRK-AVE-LI-SER-BENDAVA-FIRATE-QUTKIR1 (2)

The Turkish authorities have cut the Euphrates Dam’s water off the Syrian lands since a week that lowered the level of the Euphrates River’s water in the lake of Tishreen Dam. In the result of that, the hours of electricity that are provided to the Euphrates region, Manbij city and other cities whose electricity depends on the dam have been reduced.

Before cutting off the water, electricity was provided from 14:00 till 00:00 every day while after that, electricity has been provided from 18:00 till 00:00. In other words, cutting the Euphrates River’s water off caused reducing the hours of electricity for 4 hours.

The low level of water in the Euphrates Dam also inflicted damage to the farmers who depend on the river’s water to irrigate their crops.

Hawar news agency interviewed the co-chair of Energy Body in Kobanî canton in the Euphrates region Nesrin Kanan who said that the reducing of electricity’s hours in the canton was in the result of lowing the water level of the Euphrates Dam that the Turkish authorities intended to cut off.

Nesrin Kanaan appealed to people to preserve electricity during the hours that they get it.