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Turkey is worried about Jabhit al-Nusra; calling it “moderate opposition”

NEWS DESK- Observers pointed out that the war in Idlib imposed on Turkey and its diplomacy failed to stop it, and stressed that Turkey is in a state of worry over the progress of the regime and Russia at the expense of Jabhit al-Nusra mercenaries, which was considered by Turkish officials as moderate opposition with a strong relationship.

Turkish Foreign Ministry sources said that Turkey called the ambassadors of Russia and Iran to complain about what it said was a violation of the Syrian regime forces to the border of the De-Escalation in Idlib.

The London-based al-Arab newspaper wondered whether the operation would be limited to the control of the regime on the southern and eastern part of Idlib? Or is the trend going to be the hand of the whole province, and this seems to be the anxiety of Ankara.

Observers point out that the battle of Idlib was imposed on Turkey, and that its diplomacy will not succeed in stopping it under the insistence of Russia and the Syrian regime.

Observers consider that the military operation in Idlib is not in the interest of Turkey as the only region under the control of Turkey.

There was talk of sharing the regime, Turkey and Iran control of Idlib and Turkey deployed its forces at observation points about 60 kilometers north of the province, especially near Afrin.

The regime who is supported by Russian air force launched a violent attack on the areas of South Idlib and took control of a number of towns and villages, the last of which was near Sinjar and approached a distance of 5 kilometers from the military airport Abu al-Zhoor.