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Turkey occupied Shieh lands and shoot shepherds

AFRIN- The Turkish occupation army occupied 700 meters from Jaqlah village lands in Shieh district in Afrin canton, and it sniped a shepherd and killed 7 sheep.EFRIN-DAGIRKERIYA-DEWLEYA-TIRK

The Turkish occupation army is continuing its violations against Afrin people, and occupied 700 meters from Jaqlah village lands in Shieh district. The Turkish occupation also shot one of the shepherds while he was grazing his sheep near the border, but he could survive. The Turkish occupation army also targeted his herd of sheep and killed 7 sheep.

The shepherd Ismet Ibrahim assured that the Turkish occupation army fired at him after it occupied 700 m from the district lands, but he could hide behind a rock to rescue himself while the Turkish occupation army elements fired at his sheep and killed 7 of them.

The Turkish occupation army attacked Firfirk and Qara Baba villages in Rajo district on March 7 using machine guns, and it caused financial damages in the civilians’ possessions.