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Turkey prevents harvesters from working in border areas


DÊRIK- The Turkish state’s provocations have prolonged at the border of Berav in Dêrik the combine harvests that are working in the area to harvest the crops that delayed harvesting while others were obliged to harvest their crops which are still immature fearing from the Turkish authorities to burn them.   DRK-DEWLETA-TIRK-IRISI-DERASA-DIKE ‫(108003845)‬ ‫‬

Day after day, the Turkish attacks are increasing on Berav village, and in the last period, the Turkish occupation is targeting the farmers and combine harvest’s owners as some of the combine harvest owners had to head towards other areas, while others intended to work during the day only.

“The Turkish state is cutting our livelihood”

Othman Bahaadin one of the combine harvest owners came from Kobanî and worked in al-Mazrah village in Berav area stated “we used to come to Berav every year in order to work here, but this year, we got surprised when the Turkish state targeted us”, Othman added “we as civilian workers search for our livelihood, but the Turkish state prevented us from working in the fields that are near the border when it targeted us and our machineries and subsequently, it cut our livelihood.

“The Turkish gendarmerie forced us to work during day only”OSMAN

Othman Bahaadin continued “Turkish gendarmerie started to target us, we hardly could exit our combine harvest from the lands as the border lands are rugged”.

Although the harvesters usually work during the day and night in order to gain time, as well as the cold air during the night facilitates the work, but the provocations and attacks of the Turkish state forced harvesters this year to work during the day only.

Berav village faced filthiest violations

Othman Bahaadin also complained about the Turkish continuous attacks against the people of the villages of Berav saying: the world would come and see how Berav village people especially Ayn Diwar people are suffering from the Turkish violations and attacks’.

Harvesting the crops while they are still immatureSEFIQ

Shafeeq Hajji Abdul Kareem from Mazreh said that they were obliged to harvest their crops while they are still immature for the fear of the Turkish state to burn them. Moreover, the farmers could not harvest many of their lands especially in Ayn Diwar village.