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Turkey sends weapons to terrorists in Libya , plans to send them to Libya

NEWS DESK- Greek authorities seized a Turkish ship loaded with explosives sent to the terrorists in Libya, which generated angry reactions from the Libyan parties, a newspaper confirmed that the seizure of the ship coincided with reports of a Turkish scheme to transfer terrorists from Syria And Iraq to Sudan temporarily in preparation to transfer them to Libya.

The Greek Coast Guard announced late Wednesday that it had seized a cargo ship carrying explosive materials as it was sailing from Turkey to Libya and described the ship as a “mobile bomb”,29 boxes containing explosive materials, including ammonium nitrate, were seized on the ship.

The London based al-Arab newspaper said that a member of Libya’s National Defense and Security Committee, Tariq al-Jaroushi, called on the Security Council to open a comprehensive investigation into the Turkish ship’s case, saying that this time it was not the first time that a Turkish ship loaded with weapons had been seized on its way to Libya. .

Greece revealed in January 2013 that it had found Turkish weapons on a ship bound for Libya after stopping in Greece due to bad weather. In December of the same year, the Egyptian press also reported that the Egyptian Customs Department intercepted four containers of arms coming from Turkey that were believed to have been directed at the Libyan armed groups. In August 2014, the army led by Marshal Khalifa Haftar destroyed a ship bound for the port of Derna loaded with weapons coming from Turkey.

According to the newspaper, the Libyan army and the authorities in the east of the country, has repeatedly accused Turkey of supporting “Islamic militias and extremist organizations in the country.”

The newspaper said that the seizure of the Turkish ship coincided with the escalating talk about a plan to transfer “terrorists” fleeing from Syria and Iraq to Libya, across Sudan.

Observers say that Turkey, where hundreds of terrorists are fleeing from Syria and Iraq, has found temporary stability in Sudan for those terrorists who could turn to the Libyan front.