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Turkey strives for total domination on Azaz

AFRIN- On Sunday, dozens of Turkish armored vehicles loaded with militaries got in Azaz city paving the way for launching attacks on the liberated areas according to a source inside the city.

A source of our agency in Azaz city stated that dozens of Turkish armored vehicles and machineries entered into Azaz city on Sunday, and stationed near Azaz hospital and a school near the hospital.

According to the source, after the entry of the Turkish occupation army’ armored vehicles and machineries, came dozens of masked militaries.

The source also stated that the Turkish occupation army moves with the mercenaries of Asifet al-Shamal(Storm of North) in the city, and the city is witnessing a state of mobilization.

The source noted that these Turkish reinforcements are to pave the way for launching attacks against the liberated areas by the revolutionary-factions in al-Shahba areas.

The Turkish occupation army gave time of 15 days to the mercenaries in Azaz city before time ago to evacuate all their points in the city while Turkey is striving for controlling all the sides of the city by imposing the Turkish Special Forces domination and military instead of the mercenary affiliates.

During last days, al-Shahba areas: Tal Rifat, Sheikh Issa, Ming Airport, Ayn Daqna witnessed a bombardment by the occupation army and its mercenaries which caused financial damages in civilians’ possessions.

The command of Turkish staff sent additional military reinforcements to its borders with Syria, and insured armored vehicles to transfer the militaries in addition to trucks loaded with concrete barriers and a number of bulldozers. Amid intense security measures, they headed to al-Bili area in Kilis the frontier state with Syrian border.