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Turkey turned a grave of journalists

NEWS DESK- the general prosecution in Istanbul has charged the journalist Ahmad Shik with spreading propaganda to terrorism among journalists amid fears arising about the fate of freedom of speech in Turkey.

Shik was arrested on Friday because of tweets Turkish authorities considered” propaganda for the PKK in addition to other articles published in Jimhoriyat newspaper criticizing the Turkish MIT. Last month, owner of the newspaper, editor in chief, and 12 journalists were arrested according to AFB agency.

Ahmad Shik won the international prize of journalism granted by the UNISCO in 2014, who is known for” Jaish al-Imam” published in 2011 revealing the way advocates of Fathullah Gulen sneaked to governmental institutions and allied with the regime.

This accusation comes after the Turkish well-known novelist Asli Erdogan was released, while still facing a life sentence for joining a terrorist organization after she collaborated with Kurdish newspaper.

Europe also expressed its deep concerns on freedom of speech after the cleansing and arrest operations launched after the coup, Turkey also took the first rank in arresting journalists.