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“Turkey will not attack without American, Russian permission


QAMIŞLO-The secretary of the Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria, Nasraddin Ibrahim, in response to Turkish threats on Afrin “Turkey will not be able to launch an attack if Russia and America do not give it permission.”

This came during an interview with The secretary of the Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria, Nasraddin Ibrahim with Hawar news agency.

“Turkey is uneasy to the Kurdish cause”

Nasraddin said “Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, Turkey does not want Syrian people to unite and build the federal system. After the great victories achieved by Syria’s Democratic Forces and the liberation of a number of Syrian cities from mercenaries, which urged Erdogan and his government, Turkey and a number of countries neighboring Syria, led by Iran, do not want the people of the Middle East to live in their own colors and manage themselves.”

“Russia and America must clarify their position on what is happening”

Nasraddin said “If the United States does not agree and Turkey is ready to launch the attack, the latter will not be able to attack Afrin. The United States and Russia must clarify their position on these attacks.”

He added “The Turkish forces are preparing to launch an attack on Afrin region, where villages have been bombed for days in Afrin and villages in the Euphrates and Al-Jazeera regions.”

He said. “Turkey has supported and continues to support mercenaries, but the democratic federal system of northern Syria and the unity of the North’s components have been stronger and have always stood against all these attempts.”

“People are Ready”

Ibrahim explained that Erdogan fails every time, he tries to strike the stability and security of the northern regions of Syria, and stressed readiness of the people and its military and political forces to respond to the attacks of occupation that Turkey intends to launch.

He appealed at the end of his speech to the Kurdish people to support Afrin.