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“Turkey with its attacks will only increase people’s strength, courage”


GIRÊ SIPÎ- A number of members of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) confirmed that the attacks carried out by the Turkish state on the territories of Afrin canton would not but reinforce people’s strength and courage, not to intimidate them, they also denounced the plot against Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocelan and called on the international community to put an end to the Turkish practices.IBRAHIM ELSEX

Hawar news agency (ANHA) interviewed a number of members of the Syrian Democratic Council in Ain Issa district, where they denounced all attacks by the fascist Turkish state against Afrin canton and its ongoing attacks on territories in North Syria and its attacks on the properties of the people along the border.

The Co-chair of the Office of Public Affairs of the Syrian Democratic Council Gharib Hassou said “The Turkish aggression has increased the pace of its bombing and its aim is to violate the project of democracy and the fraternity of the peoples and hit the gains and achievements achieved thanks to the enormous sacrifices made not only by the Kurdish people, but also by all the components in North Syria,” Gharib Hassou said, and thanks to these sacrifices, this project has expanded and become an example.”

He pointed out that Turkish occupation which occupied Jarablus, Azaz and Adlib and this occupation encroach on the geography of the neighboring countries and the occupation of the geography of Rojava and international society is still remaining silent towards that and even the Baathist dictatorial regime did not stir a finger, but all components rejected this occupation and resisted it with all their strength.

As Gharib Hassou stressed “The Turkish government should know that the attempt to occupy Afrin is not easy, nor is it like Jarablus and Adlib, as the people of Afrin will sacrifice their most precious in order to preserve the land and the homeland. People began to struggle for the interests of their homeland and struggling for democracy and the principle of fraternity of peoples.”

For his part, the co-chair of the Office of External Relations in Manbij and its countryside, Ibrahim al-Sheikh, said: “We are all people of all Kurdish Arab-Armenian components. We denounce and decry the attacks by the Turkish fascist state against the peoples and territories of North Syria. Despite the ethnic and religious differences, we are still and we will continue to give the world lessons about the co-existence and fraternity of the people in Syria. “

The Co–chair of the Syrian Democratic Office in Girê Sipî Amani al-Ajeel.

“The Turkish occupation is trying to destabilize Syria in general and in North Syria in particular, and its aggression on Afrin canton confirms its unjust position on the people of the North of Syria, Arabs, Kurds, Armenians and all components,”EMANI ECEL

Amani Al-Ajeel called on the international community and human rights organizations to put pressure on the government of Justice and Development to remove the isolation of the leader Abdullah Ocelan.

“If you can impose the isolation of leader Abdullah Ocelan, you will not be able to finish philosophy of the leader, which has been studied and spread throughout the world,” Amani al-Ajeel said.