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Turkish army shelling  Haj Khalil village , People refuse to leave


AFRIN – The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries ,On Tuesday evening has targeted Haj Kahlil village belonging to Rajo  with a barrage of shells, causing material damage to the houses of the villagers.

Hundreds of civilians are staying in the village which is located 2km from Rajo center the residents who have refused to leave their homes despite the brutal l bombardment that targets them directly

The residents of the village have expressed their readiness to confront the forces of Erdogan and its  mercenaries to death, and that they will not leave their homes as long as they are alive.

Mohammad Ali Hajiko, 70, from Haj Khalil village village  in Rajo area confirmed that the earth is the holiest thing that man defends. He said: “It is worthless to us if we give up our land. This land we live on is the land of our ancestors and forefathers. , And we will never give up, and will not get out of our homes as long as we live. And victory will be our ally. “

The mother of Amina Hajiko said they would not leave the village. “The Turkish occupation state has no right in Afrin. As long as there are heroes and heroines defending us, there is no fear of us, neither Erdogan’s planes nor his guns can take us out of this land. “He said.

For his part, Omar Mursal, a resident of the village, pointed out that the shells of mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army aimed directly at civilians in order to frighten the people and force them to leave their homes and that the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries aim to break the will of the Kurdish people through this war, “Whatever the Turkish occupation army has done and committed massacres, they will not deter us from defending our land and sticking to it until the end.”

The Co-Chair of the village, Maryam Bilal, pointed to the brutality of the Turkish army’s artillery targeting civilian areas and stressed their insistence on staying in their homes till the last  breath and that the missiles, artillery and aircraft of the Turkish occupation army will never frighten them. “The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries attacking us in the name of Islam will not be able to demoralize our brutal and inhuman practices,” and appealed to international forces and organizations concerned to shoulder their responsibilities for the massacres committed against civilians in Afrin canton