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Turkish army shelling, Robar refugees spend night at bathrooms

Khalid Hasan

AFRIN – Displaced people living in Robar camp have experienced a night of terror and fear over the shelling of more than 30 artillery shells by the Turkish occupation army last night; consequently, refugees were forced to run away to the lavatories and stone-built bath roomsHEAT

bathrooms and bathrooms near the camp and had to spend their night in the lavatories and bathrooms.

The displaced were forced to run away from their tents once again because of the Turkish bombardment on the camp’s surrounding. The displaced fled towards the houses of civilians in the village of Basilê in Şêrewa district of Afrin canton. In this regard, Hawar news agency’s reporter could visit the camp observed the displaced circumstances after the bombing of the Turkish occupation on the camp’s surrounding.

One of the displaced women who did not reveal her identity said

“We want security, what does the Turkish occupation want from us, we are an unarmed people who have fled from the oppression of mercenaries, leaving our homes and our regions and looking for safety and peace, but wherever we go we are being bombarded, we are afraid and scared, what is the guilt of children to be homeless and deprived of their childhood? How long will this take?AESA ALAHMED

Another displaced woman Aisha al-Ahmad said “This is the fourth time that the camp and its surroundings have been bombed. Every time they bomb the camp, we are seized by fear and escape to hide among the trees and the houses of the people of Basilê. I have a little girl who gets intimidated whenever she hears the sound of the shelling,”.

At the end of her speech, Aisha called on the United Nations and international organizations to put an end to the Turkish bombardment which she called the “barbaric”.

Hayat Omar who is a 10-year-old girl said ”We were sleeping in our tent, and when we heard the sound of heavy shelling, we left our tent and with my little brothers, barefoot, we went to the toilets to hide

It should be noted that the Turkish occupation army have bombarded for the fourth Robar camp for refugees which forces the displaced to escape their tents and stay in the bathrooms and stone bathrooms near the camp.