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Turkish doctors trade in human organs in National Hospital in al-Raqqa

Renas Remo, Morada Kenda

AL-RAQQA- IS mercenaries turned the National Hospital in al-Raqqa city into a place for trading in human organs under the supervision of Turkish doctors, they also used the patients as reservoirs to draw blood for their wounded elements.

The National Hospital in al-Raqqa city is located in the beginning of Intifada Street or what is known of al-Basel Street previously and on the road of al-Nour Street.

Since IS mercenaries have occupied the city, the hospital’s name was changed to the General Hospital, and they also take it as a place for trading in human organs and drawing blood from the patients’ bodies. Many patients died in the hospital or they were killed without delivering their corpses to their families according to what the people stated.

IS mercenaries intended to train and appoint female nurses of their women at the aim of treating their wounded as the nurses coopered with Turkish doctors to draw blood from the patients and give them to IS wounded elements in the battles. Moreover, the patients’ organs were amputated and trafficked.

Khaled al-Jassem who is one of the survivors from al-Raqqa Hospital talked to Hawar news agency about the reality of what is happening in the hospital.

Al-Jassem said that one of his friend’s sister entered the hospital to be medically treated, and she has been stayed in the hospital for 25 days, and after she exited the hospital, her state was so critical. The patient assured that the mercenaries were drawing blood from her body without providing her with medical treatment or food as she was living by the serum throughout the period she has stayed in the hospital.

Al-Jassem mentioned another state which is a state of one of his neighborhoods who was lightly wounded in her head, and she went to the hospital, but she has not returned yet as they claimed to her son who went there to ask for his mother that she died in the hospital and they refused to deliver her corpse to her son and told him “we will bury her.”

According to Khaled al-Jassem, many people who went to the hospital talked about the existence of Turkish doctors in the hospital who are stealing the patients’ organs to be; afterwards, buried by the mercenaries.

Furthermore, Khaled al-Jassem assured that all the doctors and nurses in the hospital are among the mercenaries, and the nurses were putting explosive belts during work and they were fiercely dealing with the patients noting that they were not Arabs nor from the area’s people.