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Turkish incursion into Idlib irritates locals

IDLIB-Turkish forces incursion into the Syrian territories has provoked Ain al-Bayda town civilians, Ain al-Bayda lies in the western countryside of Idlib.

Syrian activists from Idlib have circulated news about Turkish bulldozers violating the Syrian territories and sweeping away trees in the lands belonging to Ain Bayda town, which has irritated people.

One of the locals Abu Ahmad told local media outlet” people were surprised to perceive the Turkish bulldozers penetrating into the town’s lands, which pushed them to gather and inquire about this act, a Turkish official said that this step was ordered from Ankara.

Fears are arising among people about the fate of their properties, houses, and territories which is their sole source of income.

Turkish forces are daily sweeping away acts are carried out in 4 hills in the region according to local sources.

This act is one of a many other by the Turkish state along the Syrian-Turkish border, thus occupying thousands of hectares of locals’ lands.

This Turkish incursion comes in coincidence with the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s visit to Washington to meet his counterpart Donald Trump.

Idlib is considered one of De-Escalation Zones agreed on by Turkey, Russia and Iran, this Turkish incursion may be a repetition of the Jarablus occupation scenario in August 24, 2016 after getting the green light from Russia for handing over Aleppo.