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Turkish intelligence behind attack on Makhmour camp

NEWS DESK – the co-chair of Makhmour camp council accused Turkish intelligence “MIT” to carry out the attack that targeted the camp in Wednesday.

At 18:45, Makhmour camp was attacked, the attack targeted security forces in the camp

The co-chair of Makhmour camp council, Flez Boudaq, said to Hawar news agency that the signs and indications indicated that Turkish intelligence was involved in the attack.

Turkish intelligence are behind the attack

“The camp has been subjected to repeated attacks for a long time in an attempt to empty the camp.” When their efforts failed, they carried out the attack.

Two young men from the camp were martyred by a similar attack. It turned out that the attack was carried out by Turkish intelligence. After last Wednesday’s attack, it did not take long until news was published about the attack on the social media sites belonging to the Turkish “MIT”.

Even before the camp residents realized what had happened, “MIT” published this information. This indicates that they are behind the implementation of this attack. “

The UN must take responsibilities for that

Flez Boudeq said dirty plots and tricks had been targeted at the camp for a long time and called on the United Nations “UN” to take its responsibility for the attack.

“This place is a displaced camp,” she said. “The “UN” must take responsibility for the camp. Unfortunately, the UN has not yet issued any statement about the attack, nor has anyone contacted us or inquired about it.”

Flez Boudaq also called on the Iraqi government to reveal who carried out the attack, because the attack was carried out in its airspace.

The co-chair of Makhmour camp council, Flez Boudaq, confirmed that they were about to issue an expanded statement on the details of the attack within the next few hours.