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Turkish mercenaries attacked Ayn Daqneh village, Revolutionary Forces repelled

AL-SHAHBA- The mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army have attacked Ayn Daqneh village in al-Shahba areas since an hour, the joint forces fighters are repelling the attack, and the surrounding of the village is witnessing continuous clashes till this moment.

The Turkish occupation  army’s mercenaries , since an hour, have been attacking Ayn Daqneh village in al-Shahba areas using heavy weapons in coincidence with a fierce bombardment on the village with mortars and missiles.

Our reporter from the area stated that the revolutionary forces are responding to the attack as clashes broke out between the revolutionary forces and the mercenaries in the surrounding of the village.

Moreover, the amount of the damage is still unknown because of clashes continuation.

Ayn Daqneh village in east of Minag town in al-Shahba (northern Aleppo countryside), and it is 2 km away from the town.