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Turkish occupation crosses Black River, builds a bridge on it


AFRIN– The Turkish occupation army crossed the Black River on the artificial border between Bakur “North Kurdistan” and Afrin canton, and began building a bridge on the river for the purpose of passage of its military machineries.

According to our correspondent from the region, the Turkish occupation army violated the sanctity of the border of Afrin canton near the village of Maydan Akbas of the Rajo region after crossing the Black River, which runs on the border between Bakur Kurdistan and Afrin, the correspondent said that the army began to build a bridge on the river after the introduction of drilling and construction tools.

The Turkish occupation began digging the land of civilians adjacent to the village of Heydarko in the state of Hatay belonging to North Kurdistan.

The correspondent pointed out that the Turkish occupation builds the bridge on the Black River to facilitate the crossing of military vehicles in the event of any attack on the region.

It is worth mentioning that the Turkish occupation army is establishing military points on its border with the Rajo region to concentrate heavy military machineries, and the Turkish occupation has gone beyond artificial borders recently.