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Turkish occupation crosses to Başûr territories, Guerilla repels

NEWS DESK- Turkish occupation army has violated Başûr Kurdistan territories entering Çilê, Guerilla forces in return have repelled, consequently, clashes broke out between the two parties,  and are still ongoing.

Turkish occupation army has violated on Friday night Başûr Kurdistan territories as they entered Çilê, Colemêrg, Guerrilla forces have repelled them and clashes erupted, 14 Turkish occupation army members have been killed till now, simultaneously, Turkish occupation warplanes are shelling the areas.

According to Firat news agency, Turkish warplanes shelled the border line near Çilê on Friday at 20:00, then they tried to enter Başûr territories where clashes broke out between Guerrilla and Turkish occupation army in the region.

The Turkish occupation army reaching an ambush zone set by Guerilla forces, Turkish occupation army have been dealt painful blows as it turned out that 14 Turkish army members have been killed, according to Guerilla sources.

Turkish land and aerial movements are still ongoing.