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Turkish occupation erects air defense system in Syria

NEWS DESK- The Turkish occupation army erected an aerial defense system on the outskirts of Afrin canton at a point received from Heyet Tahrir al-Sham mercenaries (Jabhet al-Nusra formerly).

The Turkish occupation army has occupied areas in Adlib governorate in the beginning of October, 2017 under the name of De-Escalation Areas on the base of the agreement held between Russia and Iran. The Turkish occupation of Adlib territories was accompanied by dozens of vehicles loaded by Dushkas and that are related to the mercenaries of Heyet Tahrir al-Sham.TIRKI (2)

Since its occupation to Syria territories, the Turkish occupation army reinforced its military forces greatly in the governorate along the front line with Afrin canton, and that included military vehicles, modern tanks, and a cannon.

The Turkish occupation forces have stationed in 3 main points beside Afrin which have been received from the mercenaries of Heyet Tahrir al-Sham under an official convention held between the two sides.

Within a noticeable development, the Turkish occupation army spread on Sunday night an air defense missiles system on the border with Afrin canton near Daret Izza town in the western countryside of Aleppo.

Websites related to the Turkish mercenaries circulated photos of the missiles system which are of MIM-23 HAWK kind with communication equipment and radar devices, and it stated that they have been surprisingly spread, while the occupation army has not announced erecting the system and its reasons.

At the beginning of its occupation to Adlib, everybody thought that Turkey would fight Heyet Tahrir al-Sham mercenaries, but the occupation army moving with al-Nusra mercenaries inside Adlib showed the Turkish intentions to occupy the Syrian lands, and to launch attacks against Afrin canton.

The statements about launching attacks against Afrin canton and occupying it are daily being released, and the mercenary gangs that are related to the Turkish occupation are launching attacks against Afrin almost per day.